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Wool Sponges- 2-pack

Wool Sponges- 2-pack

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2 pack of Wool Sponges 

Plastic dish sponges are gross for a lot of reasons. Including the microplastics making their way from our kitchen sinks to the oceans. These wool sponges are made from our flock of 100% grass-fed, organic Icelandic sheep in the hills of Vermont, and other small Vermont farms. They feel divine to your hands and once you’re done with them (~6 months) you can toss them to the birds. They’re completely biodegradable! 

*Please note that color and texture will vary. These are handmade made from our rainbow flock of sheep.*

Our sponges are:

- 100% wool
- completely biodegradable
- grown from only grass, sunshine, rain, and the magic of the rumen
- in packs containing 2 - 5x7” wool sponges
- made by needle felting. They will shrink down to normal sponge size as they are used.

They support Four women owned businesses:

- Our shearer, Mary Lake
- Aurora Spinnery
- Vermont Fiber Mill
- Our farm, Wild Earth Farm

Thank you for supporting our flock!

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