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1/12 Beef Share - **Nationwide Shipping Included**

1/12 Beef Share - **Nationwide Shipping Included**

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*This is for shipping beef share only. If you're located in RI or between VT and RI, you may check out the 1/12 Beef Share deposit for local delivery.

Want to buy beef in bulk but don't have a chest freezer? A 1/12 beef share is perfect for you! 

A 1/12 beef share (Total of 35lbs) will include: 

  • 7 lbs of premium steaks
  • 17 lbs of ground beef 
  • 1 lb of stew beef 
  • 9 lbs of slow cook items including roasts, short ribs, and beef shanks
  • 1-2 lbs of beef bones for bone broth or dog treats 

    This will fit comfortably into your standard freezer. 

    Where You’ll Get it:

    This product is for shipping only! (FREE SHIPPING)

    Home Delivery is available in Rhode Island or anywhere roughly along the way of Vermont to Rhode Island. You can also pick up at our farm in Vermont (which is completely magical by the way. Book a mini getaway in our house or yurt and head home with our delicious beef. 

    Can I choose my cuts?

    Our butcher only allows one cut sheet per cow. If you’d like to purchase a whole animal, you can definitely fill out your cut sheet.

    Includes a collection of our Digital Recipe Booklets (PDF) sent to your email.

    Wild Earth Grass-Fed Beef is: 

    • pasture-raised with love on our certified organic pastures in Vermont
    • 100% grass-fed and finished
    • vacuum-sealed and frozen at USDA inspected facility
      Thank You:

      By purchasing our beef and lamb you are helping to create a healthier world. Our animals build topsoil and create a healthy ecosystem for wildlife, all the while resulting in food that nourishes your body and your soul.

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